Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School, Kanpur mtmhss Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School, Kanpur

The epicentre of all our school's activities is academic excellence. In academics, our school recreates its history every year by breaking its own records. The strength of our expertise and teaching methodology is readily apparent in our student's many academic achievements, including ICSE and ISC results. Several of our students have set benchmarks by securing hundred percent marks in subjects like Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computers at ISC level. Our learner-friendly environment and dedicated teachers allow students to progress in studies with more success and at a faster pace. While these results are extremely pleasing ultimately, we believe in empowering the quality of character and leadership that springs from the quality of one's heart- our values, virtues, priorities and hopes. A quest for excellence in learning - both in the classroom and outside the classroom always remains at the heart of our educational mission and practice.