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Developed in ancient India, the practice of yoga has become increasingly popular these days, recognised for its health benefits and important philosophical teachings for our modern world. Yoga is a holistic approach to wellness, adaptable for people of different ages, abilities, backgrounds, and religions. Even children can benefit from a consistent yoga practice, whether as a part of their school day or as an after-school activity.
Yoga and meditation have proven health benefits – for greater physical, mental and social well-being. Over time, a regular yoga practice can lead to increased energy, flexibility, attention span, and self-esteem. Practicing yoga helps us to liberate and control our emotions, approach daily challenges with confidence, and find renewed appreciation for the environment. Not to mention, yoga and meditation offer children and adults a moment of rest and a break from their busy schedules.
Through yoga, children learn values such as gratitude and respect – important teachings for daily life in and out of the classroom.
Yoga is all the more important in these tough times so that our students may stay strong and build up our immunity. Our students participate in Yoga sessions regularly.The students are taught various asanas. Warm up exercises are done and students are trained to perform sitting and standing asanas. Students are briefed about the benefits various asanas, the importance of meditation and pranayama by the Yoga teacher from time to time.