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Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School is known for imparting quality education. At each phase of education, Puffins (Kindergarten), Middle School, and Senior School, we strive for academic excellence, whilst realizing that it is the holistic approach to education that best prepares students for the world and workplace of tomorrow. We aim for each student to achieve his/ her ‘own best standard’.
Ours is a vibrant school, where your ward will make lifelong friends. Here your child will grow up to become a confident, resilient and compassionate young cosmopolitan individual, who will be well prepared to make his/ her way in the world and to leave people and places better than s/he finds them. Our students are the best evidence of what education at Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School can produce. Having gone through this website, we encourage you to come for a visit to see the school in action.