What is declamation? Declamation is a tradition here at MTMHSS in which 6th through11th graders participate. In memorising a text and presenting it before an audience, students learn to use the rhetorical power of speech. Initially, students must recite a piece 3-5 minutes long in front of their teachers.
Most of the middle school and senior students gain experience and confidence speaking publicly at Declamations in front of their classmates in the Activity Hall.
Students challenge themselves to master and declaim celebrated works of poetry and prose, including speeches, sonnets, excerpts from novels, plays and songs, and self-written works.
In the Senior School, students work to hone their declaiming skills, focusing on poise and appearance, dramatisation, eye contact, voice and articulation, and pacing, as the English faculty provides feedback on the performances and decides on one winner for each event.
The best candidates from their classes then proceed into the semi-finals and, if selected, move on to the final competition. These competitions are divided between the and Upper School students. The final event of Declamation takes place in July/ August in which the students recite their piece in Inter House Competitions. The winners of this competition are nominated as participants for Inter-School Declamation Competitions.