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Several studies done over the years by educationists and neurophysiologists have shown that music has a big influence on the cognitive and psychophysical development of humans—especially children. It is believed that when children are exposed to music, especially when they are toddlers or even before they are born, it has a deep impact on their cerebral cortex region. It creates neuron pathways in the brain making them understand the world and language in a faster and easier.
Imagine if just listening to music has such a deep impact, how much impact does singing or playing musical instruments have on a student? There are several benefits that a student can get when they learn music at school. Music is an extremely critical subject at schools as it leads to better brain development, increases human connection, improves grades, helps to socialise, and even lowers stress levels.
It’s without a doubt to say that music has been integral to communities and civilisations from time immemorial. All praises, whether to god or to nature or even to humanity, have been musically written which shows how much importance has been ascribed to music. At Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School, we give as much importance to music as we give to academics. That’s because we believe music has the power to change our students into good human beings and change the world. Every branch of Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School is equipped with a full-fledged music room complete with all latest musical equipment to help our students become musically active.