National Cadet Corps

Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School, Kanpur mtmhss Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School, Kanpur

Our school started NCC in 2009 under the guidance of Col. S. Ansari of 10th Battalion, 59 BN, NCC, Kanpur. Every year we assist and form a troop of 50 cadets which consists of 25 boys and 25 girls. They all participate in different activities. They are taught how to open a gun, clean and assemble it again. Every year NCC Cadets go on a camp where they are taught to use firing weapons like AK-47, SR, and are briefed about the mechanism of various weapons used in the Indian Army. Almost all cadets from our school qualify the B Certificate of NCC every year. This certificate of NCC provides the opportunity to the cadets for applying for short commission directly. Many candidates from our school are giving their services in the Indian Armed Forces.