Sports and Games

Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School, Kanpur mtmhss Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School, Kanpur

All pupils in Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary Schools participate in some or the other sports activity. Our school prides itself on the wide range of sports accessible to the students in the Junior, Middle and Senior School. Sports and physical and mental well-being are very important to today’s students providing them with a positive foundation for their academic work. Sports can expose a student to self-discipline, practice and preparation, teamwork, goal setting, success and failure, and resilience.
In Kindergarten and Junior School, students participate in physical education classes throughout the school day to help improve their gross motor skills and coordination. They develop basic understanding of game rules and strategy, while focusing on improving their own personal fitness, strength, coordination and teamwork skills.
Middle School students participate in mandatory PT periods that emphasise teamwork, commitment, and sportsmanship. The school offers various sports programs running throughout the whole school year. Middle School teams participate in competitions regularly. As a part of the Middle School philosophy regarding sports, competitive cooperation and gaining valuable sporting experience is the aim. All students are welcomed to try out and participate and all athletes who are committed to the practices, contribute to games.

Our Senior School Sports facilities are accessible to all and tailored to meet the aims of our pupils. The sports our senior students participate in depend on their interests and expertise develop over the years. We are proud to field competitive teams in all major team games, as well as badminton, athletics, tennis and boxing, although this is no more important than providing opportunities that will promote lifelong participation in sport. The role that competitive sport plays in developing character, confidence, resilience, teamwork and leadership is widely celebrated, as are the sporting achievements of our increasing number of pupils who compete at Inter-House, Inter-School, Regional and National level.

Sporting Facilities at Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School:

  1. Football Pitches
  2. Cricket Pitches
  3. Athletics fields
  4. Badminton Courts
  5. Volleyball Courts
  6. Basketball Courts
  7. Activity Hall
  8. Outdoor and Indoor Playstation